The only analyzer capable of measuring dark and opaque liquids as well as gases, that can be placed in the process environment.
With real time, on-line continuous flow-through stream analysis, the AI-60 provides high-accuracy data, enabling tighter, more immediate control over the product.

Highlights & Features

The AI-60 Process NMR Analyzer provides the following benefits:

  • Real-time, continuous flow-through stream analysis: Reduces Process response time and allows tighter control
  • Provides chemical and physical analysis in dense and opaque materials: Linear spectral response across a broad range of materials (models can be extrapolated)
  • Analyzes multiple properties
  • Replaces conventional analyzers and provides faster results
  • Simple sample conditioning: Requires no water removal and limited filtering, to protect valve seats
  • Minimal maintenance: No moving parts in sensor
  • Unlike most of other analytical techniques, with NMR, the Substances can be identified and quantified without any standard reference.


The following table lists the standard system performance.
Material Calibration Models
Observe nuclei ¹H+; 19F; 31P; 15C
Operating frequency 60 ±1 MHz
Process probe8mm OD (up to 10mm) ambient temperature probes or 8mm OD VT-Probe (up to 120°c).
Proton resolutionLine width at the average peak height of the C13 satellites (0.55%) shall be: <80HzLess than 6 Hz at half height and less than 24 Hz at tenth height.
Proton line shapesSingle pulse sufficient to observe the largest peak of a 1% ethyl-benzene quartet with a signal to average noise ratio of 25:1, 1 pulse acquisition.


Item Description
Measurement methodNuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
Calibration methodChemo-metrics
Sample conditioningApplication defendant
Wetted materialsProcess compatible cell body, Ceramic pipe and approved seal materials. Optional Hastelloy C, Monel, PVDF and other materials
CommunicationModbus over RS485, Modbus over Ethernet, TCP/IP over Ethernet

Physical & Environmental Specs

Physical & Environmental Specs
DimensionsSystem Cabinet 196 x 75 x113 cm
Weight450 kg
Power Consumption1 Ø 120 - 240 VAC 20 A (Uninterruptable)
Operating temperature 20C to 25 with temperature fluctuation less than 3C
Relative humidity30-70% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature0ºC to +55ºC
Relative humidityMaximum 95%, non-condensing
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