4IR公司的iModel模型软件是预测数据的终极建模软件, 技术的先进性表现在建模过程不需要人工干预,软件对任何条件的变化能够立即做响应。 模型的验证过程是个整体,并且完全基于实验室数据反馈,物性分析数量不受限制。 只需要向软件提供实验室分析数据,其余的工作都是自动的.


  • ModelGateway has 3 Interfaces: Analyzer, Lab and DCS
  • Spectra automatically loaded from analyzer. Lab data loaded by the operator
  • Models automatically built by Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
  • Each new spectrum is processed, predicted and reported to DCS

Any Analyzer,
any LIMS

  • Generic automatic solution for any analyzer (NIR / NMR / FT-IR / RAMAN)
  • ModelGateway supports all leading online analyzers
  • ABB, Bruker, ThermoFisher, Guidedwave, Metrohm and others
  • The AI-60 NMR Analyzer and Oberon NIR can be provided as part of the solution

Automated model calibration

Key benefits

Software only solution
(Windows XP / higher) Small footprint

Supports any analyzer,
any LIMS

Support Any DCS Connection
Modbus / OPC

Automatic generation of chemometric models

Proprietary Algorithms for
small data sets

Free Evaluation

ModelGateway Software

The last word in predictive data modelling software

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