25 мая 2020

4IR Comparison between NIR FT-IR and 3rd Generation NMR Technology

Abstract On-line Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analyzers are beneficial in chemical and petroleum industries for qualitative and quantitative analyses of physical properties of process streams. NMR selectively specifies and quantifies hydrogen atoms with regard to the molecular structure of substances and their presence in mixtures. Its linear spectral response enables chemometrics to easily perform accurate […]
24 мая 2020

4IR’s AI-60 Petroleum Analyzer for Optimizing Crude Distillation Unit

Comprehensive and adequate control of the process parameters of the Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) is an obligatory requirement for the optimal production of naphtha, kerosene and gasoil. This has a direct impact on the economics and the profit of the refinery. Integrated real-time and on line monitoring of the feed and the distillates allow immediate […]
24 мая 2020

4IR Crude Blending Advanced Efficiency Solutions

Utilization of AI-60 NMR 3rd generation process analyzers is gaining momentum to engineer precise blends at much lower operating costs; Utilization of this technology gives refineries a large advantage in coping with changing costs of crude oils and distillates Introduction Traditionally refineries were constructed to distill conventional light crude oils. Changing economic conditions, wide variations […]
13 мая 2020

Proton NMR Investigation of Amide Samples using 60 MHz NMR analyzer

This article establishes the capability of NMR, specifically using a mid-field 60 MHz NMR analyzer, as a viable alternative to amide analysis using the current HPLC method. It describes the work in the following areas: The identification of pure reference compounds, which constitute the mixture present in the amide stage including: The profiling of simple, […]
13 мая 2020

4IR Process analyzer system at the pipeline point of entry

The strategic importance of placing a Process NMR system at the pipeline point of entry is to verify that the pipeline tender is fully intact and meets delivery specifications.  Placement of the on-line analyzer at the point of entry verifies that the supplier’s product tender is on specification. Thus, removing liability of the supplier should such […]
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