The Challenge

  • An oil offshore platform is a large structure with facilities to extract and process oil. The fluids produced from offshore wells need treatment before they can be shipped ashore via pipeline or tanker. Hence the process plant is a vital part of any offshore installation.
  • The processes in offshore treatment plants are generally rather simple compared to those seen in refineries and chemical plants.
  • The fluids produced from offshore oil wells are a mix of formation water and hydrocarbons in different molecular configurations. Therefore the majority of the water, dissolved gasses as well as NGLs have to be removed from the crude oil before the oil leaves the platform.
  • The challenge of offshore plants, is continuous real time monitoring of the fluids which can be exclusively done by the AI-60 Process analyzer.

Offshore Production Operations and Parameters

Control Parameters:

  • TBP (True Boiling Point) yield
  • Aromatic content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Olefin content%
  • Pour point%
  • Sulfur%
  • Water%
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