The Challenge

  • Switching to heavy crude oils increases the production of heavy distillates further cracked by the FCCU (Fluid Catalyst Cracking Unit) into lighter fractions.
  • FCCU process optimization is a complicated task involving many variable process parameters.
  • FCCU process optimization software adjusts operation parameters based on a static database. Physical properties of the feedstock fluctuate constantly turning the FCCU into a highly dynamic system.
  • Real time on-line monitoring is critical in the optimization of the FCCU process. 4IR’s AI-60 Analyzer provides game-changing technology which enables real time analytical data.

FCC Profits – Process Sketch

FCC Profits – Process Sketch

Increase FCC Profits – Saving with AI-60

Utilizing the AI-60 in FCCU helps to optimize the process in the following ways:

  • Bring valuable information online.
  • Provide ability to run combined feedstock (both from the VAC unit and Tankage).
  • Increase unit feed variability.
  • Shift closer to constraint of process unit.
  • Minimize lab sampling.
  • Feed forward control into FCCU Advanced Process Control software.
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