4IR Solutions is a global technology and solution provider for various industries, including oil, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. We specialize in Process Control enhancement, enabling our clients to optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency and productivity, as well as improve the safety and quality of their operations.

Our approach involves real-time monitoring and actionable measurement of any process stream using state-of-the-art technologies such as RT-NMR and automated modeling among others.

At 4IR Solutions, we believe in working closely with our clients to deliver turn-key solutions that meet their specific long-term needs. This is why we partner with 4IR-certified local integrators who have deep knowledge and experience in the industries we serve.

Meet the Team

Tal Cohen
Founder & CEO
Nir Dranov
Dr. Paul Giamatteo
Chief Scientist
Mordy Bercovici
Dror Albo
S/W R&D Manager
Sasha Hoffman
VP Marketing
Tal Lavian
Sales & Marketing Manager
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